Does type of menopause affect the sex lives of women?


Bıldırcın FD, Özdeş EK, Karlı P, Özdemir AZ, Kökçü A




Med Sci Monit . 2020 Jan 7;26:e921811.

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The aim of this study was to investigate factors affecting the sex lives of middle-aged women, and whether surgical menopause affects sexual function differently from natural menopause, by comparing effects on sexual performance of women with similar demographic features.

Material and methods

The study included 151 women with surgical menopause (SM), 357 women with natural menopause (NM), and 186 perimenopausal women (PM). The women were asked to complete a 6-question survey of sexual performance parameters. The relationship between the demographic and clinical features and hormone levels of the groups and sexual function parameters were evaluated. We also compared these parameters between the 3 study groups, and paired comparisons were made between the SM group and the NM group.


Demographic features, serum DHEA-S, total testosterone, and FSH levels were found to have statistically significant effects on sexual performance of women (p<0.05). The sexual function scores for the frequency of sexual desire, coitus, and orgasm were significantly higher in the PM group, whereas vaginal lubrication scores were lower compared to the NM and SM group (p<0.05). In paired comparison of NM and SM, the scores for the frequency of coitus, orgasm, and vaginal lubrication were significantly higher in the SM group, while sexual desire frequency scores were higher in the NM group (p<0.05).


Our study approached to this topic in an extended manner and found significant relationships between several demographic-clinical and hormonal factors. SM was found to not affect female sexual performance, except for sexual desire, more than NM.

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